In 1983 through 1988 yearbooks, Marian is referred to as Marian Regional High School and the school crest has the initials "MRHS."  However, 1978 yearbooks refer to Marian as "Marian High School" and the crest has the initials "MHS."  Do any Marian grads or families out there know when and why this changed???
Michele Bouvier Pellizzari Grad '79

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I think it's because the Independent Schools Support Act passed in 1977. A "regional" school receives funding from the BC government whereas the Catholic schools that are not regional are private and not funded by the government.

Mede McAtee Class of '84

Marian High School was founded by the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis. It was operated by them as a congregational school, like St. Thomas More, Vancouver College or Little Flower Academy. When the sisters were no longer able to operate the school, the Archdiocese of Vancouver bought the school. It then became a "regional" high school, like Notre Dame or St. Thomas Aquinas. The name change reflects a change in administration not funding.

Connie Rabold

Calling all Marian High Alumnae! The crunch is on...the clock is ticking...our very first celebration event honouring Marian High is only weeks away. Let's get out there and spread the word!!! Time to put the pedal to the metal gals!

Teresa McKinnon Class of '84

Excellent information Mede! I remembered the name change, but probably never knew why!

Sheila Pace (nee Dempsey)

Hi Mede, Nice to see your comment here. I am Sheila Pace (nee Dempsey) How are you doing? Your Mom was wonderful in my life when I was young and a great friend to my Mom. Kindest regards! Sheila Pace

Judy Lynam

I want to thank the Marian High Alumnae organizing committee for bringing us together at this reunion. I know Sr. Jane, who was the first Principal of the School, would have been very proud of all of the women who gathered to reconnect with Marian colleagues and teacher and to remember their time at the School. Sr. Jane's vision was to support and provide opportunities for young women by creating an environment in which they would be successful in education.

Thanks also to STM for creating a place for Marian alumni to gather.

I enjoyed the day and hope to find ways to connect with more Marian classmates.

My best...
Judy Lynam -- (1965-1968)

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pictures are up now...

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